I offer private music lessons in Cincinnati, OH for students ages 6 to 18.  These lessons are held at 2 different locations: Loveland Music Academy and Lebanon Music Academy.  I teach piano, harpsichord, voice, guitar, drums, electric bass, double bass, vibraphone, modular synthesis, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, harp and pan steel drum.  Please visit the academy websites for more information about scheduling lessons.

Why Choose My Program

  • My students have a recital at least every 3 months.
  • We occasionally travel to Nashville or Chicago to record in world famous studios.
  • The lessons are tailored to each student’s goals and interests.
  • Studio performances are professionally mixed, mastered and videotaped.
  • Students are given the opportunity to perform with my band Oregonia.
  • We use a Steinway concert grand piano in formal piano recitals.
  • Informal recitals occur at Graeter’s, a world famous ice cream parlor.  Each student who performs receives one free ice cream.

What Parents & Students Say

Aaron, we cannot than you enough for what you have done for Blake over the past several years.  Not only have you taught him how hard work pays off, he has developed life skills that will benefit him a lifetime.  For example, I have seen Blake give a speech/presentation in front of a couple hundred people.  What his has learned from you helped build that confidence & skills.  Not only is he a decent guitar player, he has now created his own studio and started to get into recording, editing, etc.  It’s all very impressive and we credit your teaching style & personality for Blake’s growth in these areas
Bruce & Connie Hillard
We love how you uplift your students by giving them lots of confidence in their musical ability! Teaching music is not just a job for you, it is your passion and you really pass that passion on to your students.  Thanks for all the great work you do with these kids.
Michael & Lori Lucas
I like Aaron because he makes piano fun.  He takes all his music classes and puts them together for a concert with cool songs.  He also encourages me so I don’t want to quit
Azalea, Age 9
Thank YOU for all you have done!! You were the best thing to happen to Aidan in his musical journey! No words can express how much we appreciate and are grateful for all the lessons, videos, and recitals….
Sean & Laura Higgins
I am emailing on behalf of our family to let you know how much we appreciate all of the hard work you do for all of the kids. The thought of all of the organization and planning that goes into planning a trip like this is mind boggling. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for doing all that you do. The Nashville trip is a memory that our whole family will remember. It was absolutely amazing. DK is still on cloud 9 and I am sure will remain there for a very long time. He talks about it constantly and it has strengthened his love of music.  You have given these kids a true gift. DK admires and respects you very much (as Rick and I do as well). So thank you again, for your amazing work and contribution to all of the kids, as these experiences you give them will make them better, more confident people as they grow
Rick & Kirstin Dews