Project Description

On Saturday, May 7th my students traveled to Nashville, TN to record 8 songs at Starstruck Studios, a world class recording studio owned by Reba McEntire. This was our longest recording session to date…running from 8 am to 3 am. The students recorded Painkiller from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Judas Priest’s “Painkiller” is by far the most challenging song my students have covered. At the studio we decided to not record the song using a metronome…instead opting to have the song groove a little bit and get a more natural performance from the students. And for the credit sequence, we recorded Judas Priest’s “Cathedral Spires”.

Thunder: Kala Scarpinski and Auggie Huber…Age 11
Lead Vocals: Noah Stubenrauch…Age 11
Drums: Tyler Rogers…Age 13
Rhythm Guitar: Drew Lowry…Age 14
Bass: Aidan Higgins…Age 15
Credit Sequence Vocalist: Emily Leavengood…Age 16
Acoustic Guitarists: Robert Doughty and Nathan Clevenger…Age 16
Lead Guitar: Joe Hubbell…Age 17

The vocals were recorded using a vintage AKG C12 microphone. Because we had to record 8 songs in a single day with 48 students, we had to save on setup time and record the electric guitars direct. Joe Hubbell used a Digitech RP500 and Drew Lowry used a Vox Tonelab SE. The bass was recorded direct and we used DW drums.