Tuition and General Info

Payment is expected by the 15th of each month.

Half Hour Lessons (one per week) ~ $24.00 / a lesson

Lessons are scheduled on a month to month basis and the tuition statement will be sent via email.

Payments received after the 15th of the month will incur a late fee of $10.

If a student misses a lesson for any reason (vacation, illness, traffic etc…), you can attend the 1 hour group class that occurs on the last Sunday of each month. Exception: If we have to cancel lessons due to a snow emergency, those lessons will be re-scheduled. You do not have to attend the group class.

I do not offer lessons on a bi-weekly or random basis.

Here is one frequently asked question:
We are going on vacation for 3 weeks. Can we just discontinue lessons and then resume them when we return?

Yes, you can discontinue lessons and resume them when you return. However, I cannot reserve your time slot. I currently having a waiting list and your time slot would be filled immediately.  But we have other instructors on staff who can teach you.

Sometimes students take turns “hosting” band practices during their lesson. For example, the bass player for the song “Born to be Wild” might have the other members of the band show up and practice during his lesson. Although this isn’t a private lesson, the benefits of playing with a group are significant. The next rehearsal would then occur during the drummer’s lesson or singer’s etc… These practices typically occur weeks before a recital or recording session. We also use these band practices as an opportunity to videotape the performances and post them on YouTube. Students who participate in these band practices tend to learn faster, play more recital songs, attend more recording studio sessions and become overall better musicians.

If you do not want to participate in the band program and share lessons from time to time, then we have other instructors at the academies who can teach you.

Practice is very important at all levels of musical education. While various techniques and pieces require additional practice time, my students must put in a minimum of 30 minutes at least five days a week. As the student’s abilities expand, I recommend them stepping up to no less than 60 minutes of practice time. Students should certainly be encouraged to “play” their guitar after their regularly scheduled practicing. But the primary difference between playing and practicing is that practice requires focus and working towards a deliberate goal. Playing is for fun and enjoyment and as time goes on, practice and playing will become more intertwined.
Students must notify me one week in advance if they plan on ending lessons. Failure to do so will result in a tuition charge for the following week.
Unfortunately, some students simply do not possess the appropriate level of interest and dedication to learning their craft. I do not believe in wasting either your money or time if the student is not progressing, and more importantly ENJOYING their instrument… and that’s actually OK. Many famous and well-respected musicians play sporadically or have not studied professionally, and there is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, but to move forward there must be commitment by the student and parent. If repeated absences, consistent lack of preparation for lessons, or non-payment becomes an issue, lessons will be discontinued. I encourage both students and parents to keep an open line of communication with me regarding the student’s progress.


Why don’t you sell the students’ songs?

Years ago I posted their songs on iTunes and we used the profits to have a pizza party for all the kids.

But at this point, I think it’s best just to release the videos so people can enjoy them for what they are.   I don’t want to ruin the spirit of these performances with ads or a sales pitch.

Where do you offer lessons?

I teach at 3 locations: Loveland Music Academy, Lebanon Music Academy and Maineville Music Academy.  They are located in Cincinnati, OH.

How much do the recording sessions cost?

The cost depends on many factors….the location of the studio, the type of studio, quality of the video cameras, etc…

To go to Nashville and record in a top of the line studio usually costs $250 per child.  This includes the mixing, mastering, video editing, cameramen, engineers, etc…  It does not include transportation, lodging or food.

To record in a studio around Cincinnati usually costs $150 per child.

How much are lessons?

The lessons I offer are 30 minutes in length and are $24 each.  Billing is done on a month to month basis.

Why don’t the students’ names appear in the videos?

In most cases, their parents do not want their names online.

Can I purchase the students’ recordings?

Sorry, but I do not sell the students’ recordings. But you can download them for free here.

Do you teach lessons remotely?

Sorry, no I do not.

Do you transcribe music professionally?

Unfortunately, I do not have time to offer this service.  However, I’m proud to endorse the services of Dan Willard, an accomplished educator and musician. Dan Willard’s transcriptions are impeccable and after using his services you can be playing your favorite song within weeks. Please follow this link for more information:

Why are many of the recording studios pieces from the metal genre?

I’m interested in setting challenging goals for the students.  Metal is a genre of music where every single member of the band is faced with a complicated part.  Granted, I could assign a classical or jazz piece that would be equally as hard.  However, the students simply wouldn’t practice it.  But they will work hard on music that they enjoy…which for many of the advanced students is metal.  Basically, I don’t care what we play as long as the students enjoy it and are challenged by the material.

Why are the recording studio trips so expensive?

Going to a professional recording studio costs $150 to $230 per student.  We go to the best studios in the U.S. You’ll use the same microphone that Michael Jackson used.  You’ll play on the same piano that Chris Martin from Coldplay used.  Everything is top of the line.

Depending on the studio it costs $50 to $250 per hour for the studio time.  We usually need 5 to 6 hours.  After that the raw tracks have to be mixed and mastered by a professional.  This costs at least $200 per song.  Then there is the cost of renting the videocameras, renting the passenger vans, gas, and parking. The videos then have to be edited which takes about 200 hours per video. 

How do I get to go to a recording studio?

The recording studio sessions are for intermediate to advanced students.  So in order to attend a session you must practice, practice, practice.  Again, students compete for the songs.  Whoever learns the song first and plays it perfectly will go to the studio.

Why hasn’t my son or daughter performed in a recital yet?

It is impossible for me to involve a student in a band if they do not possess certain basic skills.  Students must know their chords, be able to play along with a metronome and produce the proper tone from their instrument.  An example of tone would be… do the open chords on your guitar ring out cleanly and sound harp-like or do they buzz and sound muted?  Students also compete against each other for the recital pieces.  Whoever learns the song first and plays it perfectly gets to perform the song at the recital.

We want to take a break from lessons. Can we start up lessons with you at a later time?

I cannot reserve your time slot.  I currently having a waiting list and your time slot would be filled immediately.  But we have other teachers on staff at the academies who could accommodate you.

Why do we have to commit to a lesson each week?

If you are unable to commit to one lesson per week then I cannot teach you.  If you are unable to attend a lesson then you can make up the lesson by going to the group class which occurs once a month.

My daughter performed in the recital. Why is there a $7.00 recital fee on my tuition statement?

The $7.00 goes towards paying the soundman at the recital, mixing the audio and creating the YouTube videos.  Our recitals are basically small scale rock shows.  When it’s all said and done the recital requires at least 10 hours of preparation and set up time.  Note: I need to know at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make the recital.

Why are lessons made up through group classes?

As you know, missed lessons can be made up through attending the 1 hour class that usually occurs on the last Sunday of each month.  Although these are not private lessons, they are incredibly valuable.  For years I’ve struggled with finding a time for all of the students to practice together.  With these classes we can finally rehearse and videotape the songs that will be performed at the recital.  These classes will also cover music theory, solo performances, rhythm exercises, singing and music history—subjects that I think will be better presented in a classroom setting.  These group classes, along with several private lessons each month, will yield better results.  The countless videos and recordings I’ve posted demonstrate that.

Can I attend the group class even though I didn’t miss a lesson?

Yes you can.  All students are encouraged to attend the monthly group class.

Why are we having a band practice during my son’s private lesson?

Students take turns “hosting” band practices.  For example, the bass player for the song “Born to be Wild” might have the other members of the band show up and practice during his lesson.  Although this isn’t a private lesson, the benefits of playing with a group are significant.  The next rehearsal would then occur during the drummer’s lesson or singer’s etc…  We also use these band practices as an opportunity to videotape the performances and post them on YouTube.