Like many musicians, Aaron didn’t begin life with a strict passion for music, but started studying it to impress a girl.

Wayyy back in 4th grade, a girl in his class played piano and Aaron figured that the best way to get her attention was to also play piano. So he asked his mom for lessons and diligently began learning such classics as “London Bridge” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb”. He even wrote a love song or five.

The chase proved futile.

One day he said to his Mom, “I’d like to quit lessons now.” After she stopped laughing, his mom said, “You made a commitment to the piano. Let’s give it a little more time.” Years later, he learned that “a little more time” is a very vague term that apparently ranges anywhere from a few minutes to a lifetime.

Fortunately, Aaron grew to enjoy music, eventually studying voice and a wide range of instruments.

At St. Xavier High School he studied music theory, joined several bands and performed at Bogarts, Sudsy Malone’s, Southgate House, Never on Sundays and The Mad Frog. In 1996, although very passionate about music, Aaron decided to pursue a bachelors degree in Secondary English Education at Miami University–his ‘sensible’ safety net.

In college, he performed in the Miami University Jazz Band, a Phish cover band and several alternative rock bands. Then in 2000, as a senior, he wrote and recorded a full length album to demonstrate his abilities as a singer and multi-instrumentalist.

After graduating from Miami University Aaron taught for 4 years at Mount Notre Dame High School. In addition to teaching American Literature, World Literature and a film class, Aaron was the music director for liturgical services, providing praise and worship music for school functions.

Come 2004, Aaron realized that he didn’t want to teach The Scarlet Letter for the millionth time and wished to fulfill his life long dream of never having to set his alarm clock ever again. So, he decided to pursue a full time career in music, becoming his own boss. Beginning with private lessons out of his home and through word of mouth, he built a successful studio.

During 2007 Aaron and Linda Bergholz, both managing successful studios out of their homes, realized the need for a quality music institution in the Loveland area. After careful research and planning they opened Loveland Music Academy in the summer of ’07. They started small, though thanks to their diligence and passion, the academy quickly grew. Today the LMA has a staff of 40 teachers and over 600 students.

Aaron has since opened Maineville Music Academy and Lebanon Music Academy and founded the O’Keefe Music Foundation which offers free music education to any child in the world.

When Aaron isn’t letting music consume nearly every moment of his life, he enjoys reading, going on long walks with his wife, eating chocolate and writing about himself in the third person.