I know that the lessons I offer will help you achieve your goals. But don't take my word for it, just ask the 100's of satisfied students and parents! Check below to read their testimonials.

My 14 year old daughter started guitar lessons with Aaron Feb 2008. Her lessons are laid back and fun. Aaron constantly encourages her and keeps the lessons interesting. Not only does she get to play guitar, but she gets to sing as well. Her first recital (March 2008) was playing & singing Bubbly in a duet in front of a live audience at Paxton’s Grill. She also got to sing back-up vocals for a band playing Johnny B. Goode!!
Lena Stattler
Aaron, we cannot than you enough for what you have done for Blake over the past several years. Not only have you taught him how hard work pays off, he has developed life skills that will benefit him a lifetime. For example, I have seen Blake give a speech/presentation in front of a couple hundred people. What his has learned from you helped build that confidence & skills. Not only is he a decent guitar player, he has now created his own studio and started to get into recording, editing, etc. It’s all very impressive and we credit your teaching style & personality for Blake’s growth in these areas
Bruce Hillard
We love how you uplift your students by giving them lots of confidence in their musical ability! Teaching music is not just a job for you, it is your passion and you really pass that passion on to your students. Thanks for all the great work you do with these kids.
Lori Lucas
We are so grateful for your lessons; our daughter had taken lessons for 3 years from another instructor and did not enjoy it. You really make her guitar lessons fun for her. She learns songs she knows and loves. You have a great way of motivating her and we are so proud to see her progress.
John Kennedy
I feel we found Aaron at just the right point in Michael’s musical “career”. He had just finished his third year in Classical Guitar lessons. While his skills continued to improve, he started to complain about having to learn unfamiliar music. Recitals were few and far between. Enter: Aaron and the Loveland Music Academy. The emphasis on regular performances and choice of pop/rock music has really boosted Michael’s motivation for and enjoyment of his music. He loves the opportunity to perform in a group as he did during the last recital. We appreciate Aaron’s effort to communicate with us regularly via e-mail and his website. We would recommend his program to ANY aspiring musician.
Mike Staun
Our 13 year old son has been taking guitar lessons with Aaron for several years, and he has become quite good at playing guitar, and just as importantly, he really enjoys the lessons and the ways that Aaron has challenged him to keep getting better. Aaron provides a nice balance between the necessary, more “rote” teaching of chord progressions, scales, etc. with letting kids quickly learn a guitar riff that sounds cool, and keeps them enthused about practicing. Along those lines, one of the things we really like is Aaron’s recital approach of having the kids play together as “bands,” with each group covering a range of playing ability. Right from the beginning, students get excited they’re actually playing music. Aaron has a warm, low key yet enthusiastic teaching style that our son has really responded well to. We highly recommend Aaron as a music teacher.
Jon Hall
Our son Cooper has thoroughly enjoyed his drum instruction over the past two years. We have been amazed at his level of progress. Cooper has been very dedicated without much encouragement from my wife and I… This is an indication he is having fun in the process. Thanks for your teaching and coaching.
Marea Johnson
Aaron has helped our son achieve a new, higher level with his guitar. The live performances are great and they also provide motivation for the students.
Joann Caskey
Aaron has created a unique learning environment which motivates my son to learn, practice, experiment with and ENJOY his guitar. Aaron is an excellent musician, teacher and administrator of his business. Lessons run on time, the rules are clear and each student is important. I believe it is important to have great adult role models in my kids’ lives and we have found that here. He continuously goes above and beyond and he obviously loves what he does.
Ann Mosby
I like Aaron because he makes piano fun. He takes all his music classes and puts them together for a concert with cool songs. He also encourages me so I don’t want to quit
Azalea, Age 9
David has made tremendous progress since he started taking lesson from you. He comes home enthused after his lesson and excited about the music he can play. We have seen his confidence grow each time he has performed in front of an audience at your recitals. Your nurturing style of teaching and encouragement has enabled David to relax and enjoy himself while learning to play guitar and sing. You have even convinced him to play a few pieces on the piano again. You have found the right combination of instruction and encouragement and David has responded. Thank you for all you have done.
Mark LaFranconi
You give the kids the experience in front of a live audience to show themselves how capable they are to play in a band. You help the kids get out of their comfort zone. This will give them confidence that will transfer to all aspects of their lives. You are a very hard worker and an inspiration to the kids. I actually love watching you play in the bands with the kids because you can see the pure JOY in your face. This love of music from you has no airs because even if the kids make mistakes like yesterday in Bleeding Love you don’t ridicule them to make them feel bad you encourage them to try harder next time.
Darcy Michelfelder
Our son, Blake, has only taken lessons from Aaron for about 6 months but he has learned so much in that short time. In addition to learning guitar and vocals, he has learned to set goals, the importance of practice and teamwork and, most importantly, how to perform in front of an audience. We feel that Aaron’s teaching style is effective and brings out the best in the students. We love the way he incorporates technology into the program. We have already recommended this program to so many people. The skills they are acquiring will be used for a lifetime.
Connie Hillard
Thank YOU for all you have done!! You were the best thing to happen to Aidan in his musical journey! No words can express how much we appreciate and are grateful for all the lessons, videos, and recitals….”
Sean Higgins
Aaron O’Keefe has more than just the education and talent that he displays as a musician. He also possesses the skills that make him a fantastic teacher of young musicians as well as an uncanny ability to successfully encourage students to broaden their aspirations and keep them excited. Thanks again for having the passion to do this.
Dave Nobiletti
Sharon and I were so impressed with you at the Saint Claire Recording Company. We know you have worked hard for the last month or more to prepare, but it was unbelievable how hard you worked yesterday to keep things on track. The kids that do these sessions will remember it, and their instructors that made it possible, for the rest of their lives. You should feel very proud.
Bill McKinney
Thank you so much for all of the time and energy you put in to pull together Saint Claire and make it so successful! I know it requires a great deal of time and coordination on your part and wanted you to know that we truly appreciate it. Emily loved it and I know she’ll always remember and treasure the experience! We thought seeing the whole process in the studio was very interesting also. The facility was very nice and the Saint Claire employees were also very nice and professional. I can’t wait to see the finished product. They were also very kind to Emily (especially considering her age) with their comments and encouragement. She was so happy.
Jennifer Leavengood
Aaron, thank you for all of your work and for having the vision to give all of the students the opportunity to experience the recording studio. Neal and I are amazed by your commitment and talent!
Mary Clevenger
I am emailing on behalf of our family to let you know how much we appreciate all of the hard work you do for all of the kids. The thought of all of the organization and planning that goes into planning a trip like this is mind boggling. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for doing all that you do. The Nashville trip is a memory that our whole family will remember. It was absolutely amazing. DK is still on cloud 9 and I am sure will remain there for a very long time. He talks about it constantly and it has strengthened his love of music. You have given these kids a true gift. DK admires and respects you very much (as Rick and I do as well). So thank you again, for your amazing work and contribution to all of the kids, as these experiences you give them will make them better, more confident people as they grow”
Kirstin Dews
We feel very lucky that we found you and LMA. You are a great teacher and leader – you’ve got an awesome thing going on at LMA and Ben is really enjoying his time with you and growing as a drummer in so many ways. Thanks for all you do!
Laura Martin
I know this is a bit random but I would like to share how much you have helped. Thank you so much for your lessons, talks and just fun times. I didn’t really realize it but you taught me EVERYTHING, and I really appreciate all you have done and continue to do!
Blake Hillard, Age 13